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"The details are not the details. They make the design."


- Charles Eames

Our cakes are made to order with premium ingredients and all our delicate sugar flowers and figurines are carefully crafted in our studio. Each cake is quoted individually and based on the size and intricacy of the design.  Final quotations are given after all details of design have been discussed, usually during a consultation.

Only a limited number of orders are booked per week which allows us to solely focus on the intricate details on each of our designs.  As such, we will no longer accept orders under the minimums below.


Wedding cakes have a minimum order of $700 for 3-tier cakes (60+ servings). Most clients choose designs costing between $1000 and $1600.


Please be sure to check our Collection if you are looking for a classic cake design with clean lines and subtle florals.  

Celebration cakes start at $375 (30+ servings) with prices increasing based on design and number of servings. 


3D Sculpted cakes start at $300 for approximately 20 servings with prices increasing based on design and number of servings.

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